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Just Launched: STX 2014 Play Huge Brand Campaign

26 Nov

Just Launched: STX 2014 Play Huge Brand Campaign

Just Launched: STX 2014 Play Huge Brand Campaign

STX's 2014 Brand Campaign has officially launched! The company, the STX athletes, and all of their consumers have begun to show how they "Play Huge."

With their launch into Ice Hockey, STX has proven that they, along with their athletes, are dedicated to Play Huge. They have signed Matt Moulson, an NHL athlete playing for the Minnesota Wild, as well as Hilary Knight, from Team USA, who are currently using their hockey sticks and promoting the brand.

In order to support the hockey launch, Mission created an interactive Stick Selector that is featured on STX.com. STX felt it was extremely important to differentiate themselves from their competition while also giving the consumer as much information as possible about their new 500 level sticks. The Stick Selector walks the user through choosing what type of player they are, and then it determines which stick is best for them.

STX Stick Selector Homepage

STX Stick Selector Slider Page

Mission kicked off the campaign by wrapping the STX RV, and creating STX Truss POP with Play Huge imagery. The RV has been touring the country for the past couple of months and making stops at retailers and multiple events. The POP, which showcases the star athletes who use STX products while competing, will also be found at STX events.

STX Play Huge RV

In addition to the RV, a number of print ads have been published for the campaign. These can be found in Longstreth, Minnesota Hockey Journal, FH Life, Let's Play Hockey, Sports Insight, and many more.

The Play Huge Brand Campaign is just getting started and there will be more to come in the near future. Stay tuned!

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